Nos  reunimos cada martes a las 7 pm. despues de la Santa misa a rezar el santo Rosario, a conocer mas de nuestra Santisima Madre   y a intercambiar ideas sobre alguna actividad que este por venir, TODOS son bienvenidos a   integrarse  a este ministerio para aprender sobre el gran amor de Dios a travez de su Santa Madre y Madre nuestra.
We meet every Tuesday at 7 pm. After the Holy Mass to pray the Holy Rosary, to know more about our Blessed Mother and to exchange ideas about some activity that is to come, ALL are welcome to join this ministry to learn about the great love of God through his Saint Mother and our Mother.

Spanish Group

When: Tuesdays

Where: Guadalupe Chapel / 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Coordinator: Rita Isela Anaya

Co-Coordinator: Teresa Santana

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