When you give to the Charity & Development Appeal you support the work of more than 70 organizations and ministries in our Diocese, transforming the lives of thousands of people. Together, we can put our faith into action. Together, we can do more than any one parish or person can do. Your love gives hope to so many!


Million in Grant Allocation











Ministries and Organizations

Thank You for Supporting the CDA!

Your generosity helped boost the Charity & Development Appeal to new heights this year. The Diocese of Phoenix is releasing $10.2 million in grants to 70 organizations that help those in need throughout Arizona, including those that support women’s health and pregnancy services, homeless, veterans, unemployed, the elderly, and more.

“As the family goes, so goes the Church,” Bishop Olmsted said. “Living our faith must happen in our families. The CDA is one way to reach out beyond our own family, to be very committed to our parish and our Church.”

The CDA provides Catholic-affiliated agencies the means to continue their missions, such as educating and forming future priests, providing for religious education and Catholic education for today’s youth, and adult faith formation through Kino Catechetical Institute, among other initiatives.

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